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Modern & Estate Jewelry sign and gem design in Santa Monica, CA by Dennis Knicely, master gold leaf sign and design artist23K Gold Leaf hand lettering and multi faceted diamond in middle with different hues of gold and palladium leaf to form prism look. Glass is beveled and hung inside hand crafted hardwood frame. Made for presitigious jeweler in Santa Monica, CA Design and fabrication by Dennis Knicely.

Gold Leaf sign and design for Carlisle Stationers, Santa Monica, CA by Dennis Knicely
23K Gold Leaf hand lettering and design on window in Santa Monica, CA by Dennis Knicely, master designer and gilder.

Starcrystal image at Gold Leaf Design
This finest quality Gold Leaf, Palladium Leaf and Precious Gem Inaly image is called Starcrystal. Original design and fabrication of Dennis Knicely. Background is 1/2" round plate glass with custom built steel frame.

Since time immemorial Gold has held the mantle as the most appealing metal on the planet. Gold Leaf is the standard for a highly polished professional image, as well as unparalleled image. Palladium Leaf, in the Platinum group of metals is much more expensive than gold and has tremdous metaphysical as well as a longer life without tarnishing than either silver leaf or 12K gold leaf. Gilding is the ancient & timeless art of applying microscopically thin Precious Metals to other surfaces. In the 21st. Century we also furnish computer - cut "sign gold" fused with vinyl, as well as the traditional gilding processes.

When accomplished by a Master, metal gilding can be used to create a Talisman, “Coat of Arms” or in modern terminology, an Elegant Sign. Design and fine art applications also make quite extraordinary and timeless art for lifetimes of enjoyment and use.

Liquid Gold (Angel Gilding) & Liquid Silver can also be applied to glass resulting in a pure mirror finish.
Angel gilding of pure liquid silver and gold

Since 1976 Dennis Knicely has had Gilding projects in San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, San Diego, La Jolla, Del Mar, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, California; Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona; Santa Fe, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Dallas, Austin, Houston, Texas; Cleveland, Columbus, Zanesville, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; Telluride, Colorado; etc. Some are among the most prestigious businesses & homes in the World.

More extensive examples of this non-pariel gold leaf design work can be seen at:
Exquisite, Elegant Sign and Design Art by Dennis Knicely, Gold Leaf Specialist

Finest Quality Gold Leaf is the standard for a highly polished professional image, as well as unparalleled image. These examples are among best in the World of custom hand painted lettering using pure gold and palladium metal.

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Gold Leaf Signs and Design Art the Los Angeles, Ca Jewelry District

Gold Leaf Sign and Design Art of Dennis Knicely

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